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Parts Pro, Celebrating 25 Years!

25 Years of Parts ProThe Parts Pro Performance Centers program is the largest marketing program for retailers in the specialty automotive equipment marketplace. Parts Pro is one of three retail support programs operated by The AAM Group, a company with 25 years of SEMA market experience and the oldest and leading program distribution group in the automotive aftermarket.  The Parts Pro Performance Centers program offers marketing services and purchase support for warehouse distributors and retailers, often called jobbers, in the performance parts and automotive accessory aftermarket (often called the SEMA aftermarket). Wholesale distributors and performance parts retailers such as speed shops, auto parts stores, car dealerships, internet retailers, accessory installers, engine builders, and automotive market specialists all benefit from the many Parts Pro program elements. 

Parts Pro’s performance parts marketing program includes many sales building resources including digital cataloging, website development, 12 page retail tabloids, email tools,  store posters, digital assets, market intelligence, and more.  

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