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Are you looking for the winning edge in your local market? Join the Parts Pro™ program and become part of one of the largest networks for performance aftermarket retailers in the world!

If you’re like many independent business owners, doing your own marketing is a challenge. That’s where Parts Pro™ comes in. Our program elements were developed specifically to help you do the marketing you need to succeed in today’s modern economy. You’ll reach more customers, better engage with those who come through your door, and establish yourself as THE local aftermarket authority. Joining is free—and easy as 1-2-3...

  1. Select Features: You’ll automatically gain access to all of the free features below. You’ll also be able to select additional paid options to take your business to the next level. (No payment is required at this time—it will just let us know what you’re interested in.)
  2. Complete Form: Tell us who and where you are, as well as how we can reach you.
  3. Confirm Options: Review your choices and submit the form. A program sales manager will be in touch shortly to discuss your enrollment.

Fill out the form below or call your program sales team at (888) 251-4252 and let them help build the perfect package for you.

Program features available to you at no cost.

Newswire™ Email


Newswire™ delivers weekly news, products, rebates, and videos!

Trailhead™ Newsletter


Accelerator™ offers marketing tips, business strategies, and program news!

AAM University™

AAM University™

Educational video series cover product features, installation, and unique selling points!

Power Mail™

Power Mail™

Email marketing program gives you access to professionally prepared articles, an image library, easy-to-use templates, detailed data reports, and address management.

Pop Catalog

POP Catalog

Browse in-store displays designed to enhance and diversify your showroom!

AAM Insight™

AAM Insight™

Web portal provides one-login access to every Parts Pro™ tool available to you!

AAM Sign Shop™

AAM Sign Shop™

Discounted signage turns potential shoppers into paying customers!

Select the additional program features you want.

Digital Marketplace™

Digital Marketplace™

Your very own website within 15 days of payment! Digital Marketplace™ sites are mobile friendly and optimized to make your business the go-to destination for performance products and/or installations; plus, they include automatic product feeds and friendly, personal support. Cost: $500 setup fee and $29.95/month.

Sales Flyer

Sales Flyers

Full-color, 12-page flyers encourage add-on sales and generate impulse buys. You’ll get 500 copies 5 times per year to correspond with peak selling seasons. Custom imprints available. Contact for pricing.

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