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You know that sending email and using social media can help you grow your business, but who’s got time for it? You do! Now you can reuse the blog content we’ve already prepared to create instant emails and social media posts. Here’s how it works.

At the top of every blog article are two links: Clip for Email and Clip for Social Media. These let you reuse the blog article in two different ways:

Clip for Email provides you with copied text and images (or HTML code) for pasting into your own email client. This creates a ready-to-send email based on the blog article you chose.

Clip for Social Media creates a short link you can paste into your Facebook or Twitter page for a post you can share with your followers. Again, this post is based on the blog article you chose.

No research. No writing. No hunting for photos. If you can copy and paste, you can send an email or make a social media post in no time. Best of all, this tool is absolutely FREE!

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  • Create emails and social media posts with just a few clicks.
  • Find content quickly by searching our archive.
  • No research, writing, or finding photos.
  • Saves you time: just copy, paste, and post!
  • FREE to use!

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