FiTech (50005): Dual-Pump Force Fuel System (340 lph)

FiTech (50005): Dual-Pump Force Fuel System (340 lph)

The new FiTech Dual-Pump Force Fuel System makes upgrading to an EFI system easy, while still supporting up to 1,600 horsepower. This system works in concert with a mechanical or an electrical fuel pump in order to supply the Force Fuel reservoir with fuel where it is. Then, it is fed through two internal 340 lph pumps to feed the EFI system. Dual internal regulators keep the pressure at a consistent 58 psi, which is ideal for reliable EFI performance. This assembly holds ½ gallons of fuel to completely submerge the pumps with no chance of fuel starvation. With a strong, versatile mounting bracket it is easy to mount this system under the hood. This Dual-Pump Force Fuel System is the easiest way to deliver fuel to your high-horsepower, fuel-hungry engine.   


  • Compatible with E85, gas, & alcohol- or methanol-based fuels 
  • Works with mechanical or electrical fuel pump 
  • Supports up to 1,600 horsepower (gasoline) 
  • Equipped with (2) 340 lph fuel pumps 
  • Dual internal regulators 
  • Consistent pressure at 58 psi 
  • No chance of cavitation 
  • Versatile side or bottom mounting bracket 
  • Easy installation process 

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