PowerTrax (9201202900—9220883005): No-Slip Traction System

For vehicles that are driven daily, the PowerTrax ® No-Slip Traction System is the latest design in quiet, traction-adding differential technology. It combines the automatic, street-friendly, smooth operation of a limited-slip differential with the traction performance of a locking differential. The No-Slip Traction System features a patented, precise synchronization mechanism that eliminates the ratcheting sounds […]

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DEI (011001): Coil Pack Heat Shield for LS Engines

Precut heat shields install easily under the coil bracket to reduce radiant heat from the engine and exhaust. With a radiant heat resistance up to 1,350°, the DEI 011001 heat shield eliminates the need to relocate coil packs and prevents premature coil failure due to overheating. Compatible with factory and aftermarket coils and brackets. Features […]

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Mishimoto Ford 6.4L Powerstroke Upper Support Bar

Mishimoto: Upper Support Bar for ’08-’10 Ford 6.4L Power Stroke

When you bought your Ford Super Duty, you made an investment in toughness. You sought it for its rugged, all-American resilience, and you need to ensure that it keeps on truckin’. Maybe you spend your week hauling lumber from site to site, or perhaps you lug trailers of heavy-duty equipment down the interstate or up […]

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DEI (010114): Speed Sleeves Exhaust Wrap Jackets

Speed Sleeves from Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) provide everything you need to cover and protect primary exhaust header pipes. Use them as an alternative to wrapping complete headers as well as for spot protection from heat-generating pipes and manifolds. Speed Sleeves are easily installed in tight engine compartments, and are great for troubleshooting components near […]

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DEI: EXO Series Exhaust and Pipe Wrap

The Design Engineering, Inc. EXO Series™ exhaust wrap is designed for use in extreme environments. Traditional exhaust wraps have not been able to withstand the dirt and water that can accompany off-road, dirt track, desert, and other forms of intense driving. The EXO Series features a dual-layer design that incorporates a combination of high-temperature glass covered with a […]

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DEI Boom Mat speakers

DEI Goes Boom with New Sound-Dampening Mat Options

Design Engineering, Inc., recently released two new thicknesses for the company’s Boom Mat—sure to please performance enthusiasts looking for the best finishing touches for their rides. DEI’s Boom Mat, which dampens sound on the most extreme commercial and sound-competition applications, now has more options than ever. The new 2mm (33% thicker) and 4mm (166% thicker) […]

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