DEI Boom Mat speakers

DEI Goes Boom with New Sound-Dampening Mat Options

Design Engineering, Inc., recently released two new thicknesses for the company’s Boom Mat—sure to please performance enthusiasts looking for the best finishing touches for their rides.

DEI Boom Mat
DEI Boom Mat

DEI’s Boom Mat, which dampens sound on the most extreme commercial and sound-competition applications, now has more options than ever. The new 2mm (33% thicker) and 4mm (166% thicker) versions combine aluminum-stiffened top skins with asphalt-free, pure-butyl, noise-constraining layers to control noise generated by vibrating interior panels—including in the most high-temperature situations.

Because of its advanced design, the Boom Map requires only 25–50% the coverage of competing products. You save in weight, materials cost, and installation time. Boom.

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