Royal Purple

Getting the Most out of Royal Purple’s Royal Flush Cleaner

Royal Purple’s Royal Flush is a safe, effective, and inexpensive product for cleaning sludge and varnish from oil circulation systems while in service. This corrosion inhibitor and lubricant is available in two viscosities and can be used in three main ways:

Royal Flush
Royal Flush
  1. Added to existing oil to clean varnish and sludge before draining existing oil.
  2. As a temporary oil fill to clean varnish and sludge from equipment before refilling with new Royal Purple oil.
  3. As a temporary oil fill for cleaning and flushing a polyglycol oil that is incompatible with the new oil to be used.

Though Royal Flush is accompanied by thorough use instructions, Parts Pro got the following four pro tips straight from Royal Purple headquarters:

  • It is best to first drain the existing engine coolant, then pour in a bottle or two of Royal Flush and fill with water. Existing coolant should be drained into containers and disposed of properly (it is not suitable for release into the environment).
  • Once the mix is in-system, the engine should be started and allowed to run for at least 5 minutes after the thermostat has opened (about 15–20 minutes for most vehicles)—the longer the better. Particularly contaminated systems may benefit from running all day with this mix. Assuming no freeze/boilover protection is required, the system can safely drive for a day on the mix.
  • Concerning the removal of stop-leak products: Effectiveness will depend on the type of stop-leak used, how long it has been in the system, and how it was dosed. Royal Flush will not remove inorganic stop-leak products (those containing silicon, aluminum, copper, etc.).
  • Royal Flush will not harm your system—no matter how much you use. Though the formula also poses very low risk to the user, we nonetheless recommend that it be treated with respect and handled as little as possible.

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