CarTech’s James Garner’s Motoring Life

A Peek Between the Covers 

Many know James Garner as Jim Rockford from The Rockford Files, one of the most popular private-eye series of all time. What many don’t know is that James Garner was a “car guy” long before he starred in that role, and his patented J turn was a piece of cake for the lifelong racer and hobbyist.

James Garner Motoring Life
James Garner Motoring Life

Authored by Matt Stone, former editor of Motor Trend Classic magazine, James Garner’s Motoring Life covers the cars he owned and drove; the cars he raced; his tour of duty as a racing team owner; his great racing film, Grand Prix; the drivers on this team; and his stiffest competition out on the track. This beautiful hardcover book tells Garner’s full story and puts him into his proper place in racing history.

The folks over at CarTech do a fantastic job of producing thorough, readable, and knowledgeable how-to guides that span the spectrum of aesthetic and performance automotive modification. Head on over to your local Parts Pro retailer to add James Garner’s Motoring Life to your coffee table or automotive library.

Size:                 9” x 9”
Type:               Hardcover
Pages:             160
Photos:           300 color and black-and-white photos

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