Edge Products’ Evolution CS/CTS Get Welcome Feature Update for Chevy/GMC Gas Vehicles

For Evolution CS and CTS users who have been asking for an option to disable their units’ Active Fuel Management/Displacement on Demand (AFM/DOD) feature, your time has come.

Edge Products 85101
Edge Products 85101

AFM/DOD, which appears on Evolution models PN 85150 and PN 85250 (covers 2007–2013 5.3L and 6.2L Chevy/GMC trucks and SUVs as well as 6.0L 2007–2010 1500 Chevy/GMC trucks) has been known to cause shuddering, dropped cylinders, and excessive oil consumption.

Reacting to these issues, Edge Products has released a fix that allows you to toggle off AFM/DOD directly from the Evolution screen. Users simply go online to download the quick, easy, and free patch.

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