Flex-A-Lite (316061): Extruded-Core Radiator and Dual Electric Fans for ’68-’72 Chevelle

Replacing multi-core radiators with its advanced new design, this extruded-core, direct-fit radiator bolts into 1968–1972 Chevy Chevelles and other GM A-body vehicles with an LS engine swap (no cutting or drilling required; radiator mounts using factory locations). For the 316061, Flex-A-Lite included a fully shrouded dual-fan system, which moves 4,600 cfm of airflow, and a variable speed controller.


  • For 1968–1972 Chevy Chevelle and other GM A-body applications
  • Increased contact area between the coolant and aluminum tubes for better heat rejection
  • Louver patterns cut into the cooling fins to better direct airflow.
  • Wind-tunnel tested to show significant efficiency gains in cooling over standard tube radiators
  • 100-psi burst rating
  • Corner subhead reinforces the cooling tube–to–header connection (an area prone to cracking and leaking in other brands of aluminum radiators)
  • Warranty: 2 years (transferrable)
Flex-A-Lite Extruded Core Radiator and Dual Electric Fans for 68-72 Chevelle 316061

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