Get Rolling with National/Enterprise Auto Rental Discounts

Becoming a Parts Pro™ retailer or installer comes with time- and cost-saving benefits you might not even be aware of, including access to rental car discounts at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental locations across the US and Canada. And what does it cost you? Nothing! This benefit comes standard simply by signing up to become a Parts Pro™ location at the FREE Bronze level.

Once you sign up (or if you already have), go to and look for the “Rental Car Discount” portal, which contains the special AAM USA, Inc. account number. For your convenience, the portal includes a direct link to booking your rental online. Savings apply to rentals made for both business and personal travel, so you can use this benefit for all of your and your employees’ rental needs!

Note: Choose National for airport rentals and Enterprise for local/home city rentals.


 Guaranteed low rate at airports (our rate or local market rate, whichever is lower).

  • Rate extends to many classes of vehicle, from passenger cars to fleet vehicles.
  • Valid for up to 3,000 miles per month.
  • Rentals include full damage waiver insurance (no deductible) at no additional charge.

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Though this is not a paid review, this content has been produced by The AAM Group in support of manufacturers with whom it has a business relationship.

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