ARP (256-4301): Cylinder Head Stud Kit for `13+ Ford Coyote 5.0L (11mm)

The key to optimum combustion-chamber sealing and long-term reliability, ARP head studs are the ideal replacement for factory TTY (Torque to Yield) bolts that are yielded in the assembly process and should never be re-used. Moreover, ARP head studs for the Coyote are made from proprietary ARP2000™ material that is nominally rated at 220,000 psi tensile strength to facilitate increased clamping force. They are engineered for high-combustion pressure applications, including supercharging, turbocharging or use of nitrous oxide. The kits include parallel-ground washers, 12-point nuts, and a packet of ARP Ultra-Torque® fastener lubricant.


  • For `13+ Ford Coyote 5.0L engines (11mm)
  • Designed for high-combustion pressure applications
  • Replacement for OEM TTY (Torque to Yield) bolts
  • Made from proprietary ARP2000™ material
  • ARP2000™ material has a 220,000-psi tensile strength
  • Facilitates increased clamping force
  • Perfect for supercharging, turbocharging, or N2O
  • Includes parallel-ground washers, 12-point nuts, & ARP Ultra-Torque® fastener lubricant

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