AutoMeter: Direct-Fit Gauge Sets

Massively expanding its catalog of direct-fit gauge sets for popular classic car and truck applications, AutoMeter has announced nearly 550 new models for Chevy, Dodge, GM, Ford, Plymouth, Pontiac, and Mercury vehicles.

These easy-to-install kits include a set of iconic AutoMeter gauges, direct-fit dash panel, universal color-coded wiring harness, senders, and everything else needed to complete the job. These sets save consumers money over buying components individually, simplify the installation process, and provide that finished, clean AutoMeter look.


  • Available for classic domestic car and truck applications from the 50s to the 90s
  • Direct-fit dash panels (2, 5, or 6 gauges, by application)
  • Set of matching AutoMeter gauges
  • Preterminated, color-coded, universal wiring harness (5- and 6-gauge sets)
  • Sending units for water temp and oil pressure
  • Mounting hardware
  • Dimming module for LED models
AutoMeter Direct-Fit Gauge Sets

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