Design Engineering, Inc. (010140): Titanium™ Turbo Shield™ Custom-Fit Turbo Blanket Kit

Able to withstand direct heat up to 1,800°F and radiant heat up to 2,500°F, Titanium™ Turbo Shield™ from Design Engineering, Inc. solves the problem of extreme underhood heat, stops heat damage of painted or carbon fiber hoods, and helps turbos spool faster. High temperature–rated silica insulation under the tight outer layer provides extra protection against extreme turbo-generated heat, making Titanium™ Turbo Shield™ stronger and more durable than similar products. DEI also engineered in a true riveted anchor and fortified seam protection to accommodate higher-horsepower levels of heat.

In addition to serving as a superior heat barrier, custom-fit Titanium™ Turbo Shield™ provides the ultimate means of reducing turbo lag. Allowing more heat in the turbine and less damaging underhood radiant heat results in a horsepower boost.

Each DEI 010140 kit includes one Turbo Shield™, one 2” x 1.5’ roll of Titanium™ exhaust wrap, two 20” stainless steel locking ties, and one 5’ roll of fastening wire. Turbo Shield™ also sold singly.


  • Ultimate thermal barrier reduces turbo lag.
  • Direct heat resistance: 1,800°F
  • Radiant heat resistance: 2,500°F
  • Double-reinforced seams inside and out
  • High-tech custom carbon fiber look
  • Riveted anchors secure shield.
  • Available singly or in a kit
Design Engineering Inc TurboShield Kit 010140

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