Design Engineering, Inc. (010751): Oil Rug (18” x 24”)

The DEI Oil Rug is designed to contain, catch, and absorb oil spills under vehicles, motorcycles, machinery, leaking equipment, and other maintenance areas. DEI Oil Rugs can absorb hazardous and non-hazardous materials including oil, petroleum, and glycols. These Oil Rugs are constructed with an absorbent felt face, hydrophobic material, and backed with a barrier layer to contain the fluids. Each Oil Rug can absorb over 16 ounces of typical motor oil per square foot, so they feature edges that are sealed to keep contaminants inside the rug.


  • 18” x 24” oil rug hold hazardous & non-hazardous material
  • Absorbs oil, petroleum, & glycols
  • Hold 16 oz. per square foot
  • Constructed from absorbent felt face & hydrophobic material
  • Backed with a barrier layer to contain fluids
  • Sealed edges keep contaminants inside the rug
  • For spills under vehicles, motorcycles, machinery, equipment, etc.

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