Flex-A-Lite (111604): Extruded Core Radiator for ’64-’67 Chevelle/GM A-Bodies LS

Extruded Core Technology from Flex-A-Lite is the future of performance aluminum radiators, replacing multi-core radiators with a new, advanced design. Extruded Core Radiators provide significantly better cooling with a stronger, more durable, and lighter design. This direct-fit radiator is engineered to bolt on—no cutting or drilling required. The radiator mounts using the factory location and equipment and includes a 22–24 lb cap and drain petcock.


  • For 1964-1967 Chevelle and other GM A-Bodies
  • Increased contact area between coolant and aluminum tubes for better heat rejection
  • Flat surface on which to braze the cooling fins maximizes contact between the tubes and fins for better cooling
  • Louver patterns in the cooling fins direct airflow for better performance
  • Wind-tunnel testing has shown significant cooling efficiency over standard tube radiators
  • Enhanced strength (100 PSI burst rating)
  • Corner subhead reinforces the cooling tube to header connection (an area prone to cracking and leaking in aluminum radiators)
  • Warranty: 2-year transferable

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