Flex-A-Lite (116323): Remote-Mount Stacked-Plate 32-Row Engine-Oil Cooler with Electric Fan

The new line of engine-oil coolers from Flex-A-Lite provides up to four times the heat rejection of typical low-cost coolers. These modern designs are efficient and offer the optimal performance you expect from Flex-A-Lite.

By itself, engine coolant isn’t enough to protect engine oil and internal components in harsh conditions. Designed for remote mounting, the 116323 Flex-A-Lite cooler uses turbulized fins inserted into internal cooling plates and louvered fins to transfer heat into the air. Its thick core minimizes oil-pressure drop through the cooler while maximizing heat transfer.

Comes mounted with a 6.5” electric fan and includes -8, -10, and -12 interchangeable AN fittings with O-rings. Measures 11” x 11” x 4.25” overall.


  • Equipped for remote mounting
  • Comes with mounted 6.5” electric fan
  • Maximal heat transfer
  • Includes -8, -10, and -12 interchangeable AN fittings with O-rings
  • Dimensions: 11” x 11” x 4.25”
Flex-A-Lite Remote Mount Stacked Plate 32 Row Engine Oil Cooler with Electric Fan 116232

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