FST Carburetors (41750P-1): 750 CFM RT Plus Vacuum Secondary Carburetor

If you need road reliability during the week and track performance on the weekend, FST Carburetors has you covered. Coming in at 750 CFM, the RT Plus carburetor with vacuum secondary and manual choke combines the durability of a pressure-forged carb with the performance of pressure-forged metering blocks and bases. Packing the full array of options and tunability, this RT Plus carb comes with black-electroplated components for an aggressive appearance.


  • 750 CFM
  • Vacuum secondary
  • Manual choke
  • Black-electroplated metering blocks and bases
  • Pressure-forged construction
FST Carburetors 750 CFM RT Plus Carburetor with Vacuum Secondary 41750P-1

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