MSD Performance Atomic Transmission Control Module 2760

MSD Performance (2760): Atomic Standalone Transmission Control Module

The Atomic EFI series from MSD Performance is designed to be easy to install and set up, and the 2760 transmission control module from the same family follows in those footsteps. This standalone controller takes the mystery out of programming your GM or Ford four-speed automatic transmission, allowing you to modify shift points, torque converter clutch behavior, shift firmness, and more via the supplied handheld monitor—no more computers or confusing software.

You can leave the monitor in place to keep tabs on your transmission performance or disconnect when finished adjusting. View data such as engine or vehicle speed, throttle position, transmission fluid temperature, shifter position, commanded gear, and many others.


  • Adjust shift points and torque converter clutch behavior.
  • Select different levels of shift firmness.
  • Choose auto-shift mode or manual-shift mode.
  • Included Dyno Mode delivers repeatable chassis dyno results.

MSD Performance Atomic Transmission Control Module 2760


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