PACE: Your Parts Pro WD’s New B2B Ordering Website!

Parts Pro’s parent company, The AAM Group™, recently began rolling out its new PACE B2B website to select Parts Pro™ member warehouses. If you’re among the lucky retailers and installers who buy from a WD offering PACE, you’ll have access to exciting new search, ordering, and customer-presentation capabilities that will take your buying and selling to the next level!

Powerful Search

The first feature you’ll want to know about is PACE’s powerful year/make/model lookup, which lets you find the application-specific part you need in just seconds. You can also search by category, brand, series, and part number, with auto-completing fields that help you narrow down the options.

Orders Up!

PACE makes ordering from your Parts Pro™ WD easier than ever, with inventory and cost checks; direct-to-WD order submissions; single or batched orders (to meet any minimum freight requirements); and the ability to write special notes, search past orders, export and print order reports, and much more!

Retail Friendly

PACE’s exclusive Retail Mode strips pricing so you can make product presentations to customers without showing them what’s behind the curtain, while the Price Manager tool lets you create on-the-fly custom quotes that adjust dynamically as you change numbers for margin dollars/percentage, time to complete job, and other variables; it will even show you competitive pricing and exchange-rate information! PACE also includes resources such as videos, warranties, installation instructions, and rebates/offers you can use to close more sales without ever leaving the system.

Mobile Ready

When you’re on the move, PACE works perfectly on your smartphone or tablet, so you’ll always be ready to do business—even when you aren’t behind the counter or in the shop!

Get Going!

Interested in learning more about how you can start using PACE? Contact your Parts Pro™ warehouse today to find out when their system will be going live!

Ready to buy? Need help with the install? To find your nearest Parts Pro™ affiliate, see our Store Locator. Or join the conversation at the Parts Pro™ Facebook page!

Though this is not a paid review, this content has been produced by The AAM Group™ in support of manufacturers with whom it has a business relationship.

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