PowerTrax: Lock-Right Locker Differential

With more than 60 different models fitting over 100 vehicle types—including trucks, cars, Jeeps, and competition vehicles—the Lock-Right Lock locking differential from PowerTrax can be installed in existing case assemblies without any special tools or setup required. This fully automatic product sends engine power to the wheels requiring the most traction.

Designed to fortify vehicles that engage in demanding off-road or extreme-traction situations, the Lock-Right Locker eliminates wheel spin-up and any associated driveline trauma. This enhances the strength and integrity of the original case. Indeed, cases that occasionally fail with open or limited-slip/posi differentials become one of the strongest links in the drivetrain when equipped with a PowerTrax Lock-Right Locker.

Note: Recommended for vehicles primarily driven in severe driving conditions or during recreational off-road use. Daily drivers might benefit more from a more mainstream PowerTrax application.


  • Designed for vehicles driven in severe driving conditions or for recreational off-road use.
  • Fully automatic system sends engine power to the wheels that need the most traction.
  • Eliminates wheel spin-up and associated driveline trauma.
  • Enhances strength and integrity of original differential case.

PowerTrax Lock-Right Locker Locking Differential

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