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Program Email: Read It, Know It, Sell It

Parts Pro™ creates two types of emails designed to keep you on the leading edge of important happenings and products in our industry.

The first, Newswire™, is packed with industry news, new products, educational articles, rebates and offers, and videos to make you the most knowledgeable retailer or installer in your local area. Newswire™ emails are delivered right to your inbox to read when you have time—and they are easy to view on phones when you’re on the go.

The second, Pulse™, is an as-needed email that communicates special news direct from our sponsoring manufacturers. They share exclusive information regarding authorized dealer programs, MAP pricing changes, rebates and displays, training opportunities, and more.

Click here to sign up for Newswire™ today! To also sign up for Pulse™, check the fourth box at the bottom of the form on that page (“I’m a retailer and would like to receive exclusive email communication.”) and we’ll get you on that list too.


  • Free to subscribe!
  • Industry news straight to your inbox.
  • Need-to-know information from vendors.
  • Stay connected and beat the competition!

Newswire Parts Pro

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Though this is not a paid review, this content has been produced by The AAM Group™ in support of manufacturers with whom it has a business relationship.

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