Quick Fuel (30-427): 427 GPH Electric Fuel Pump

Quick Fuel Technology™ (QFT™) has set new standards for racing fuel pumps with its revolutionary series of billet pumps capable of supporting up to 2,500 hp. QFT didn’t just go after big flow numbers, however; they also prioritized increased durability and serviceability, with a new six-vane and rotor design that delivers a greater volume of fuel in the all-important 12-20 psi range. The new 30-427 supports up to 2,500 hp at 25 psi with 11.7 amps and is compatible with gas, alcohol, and E85. It also features huge #10 AN inlet and outlet ports to minimize flow restrictions and a #8 AN bypass.

  • Lower pump body is machined with a bearing pocket to receive the motor shaft bearing, significantly improving shaft alignment, reducing current draw, and improving flow.
  • New rotor is fabricated from a hardened sintered iron compound to improve wear.
  • Copper is fused into the powdered metal rotor to enhance lubricity and corrosion resistance.
  • Expoxied armature windings improve durability.
  • New sintered bronze/graphite vane material improves wear, lubricity, and corrosion resistance.
  • Upper wear plate is integrated into the one-piece eccentric bushing for improved alignment and reduced friction.

    Quick Fuel Technology 30-427
    Quick Fuel Technology 30-427

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