Racing Power Company (R5860–R5882): Wood Steering Wheel

Add a classic, vintage design to your vehicle with Racing Power Company’s Wood Steering Wheels. The sleek design adds an overall polished look to any vehicle, especially hot rods and restomods. All RPC Wood Steering Wheels feature a mahogany wood grip connected to spokes made from either brushed aluminum or brushed stainless steel. Each Steering Wheel also features a gloss urethane coating designed for greater heat resistance and longevity. They all come in either a 14-inch or 15-inch wheel diameter and have a stylish decorative center unique to each part number. The Banjo style, Vintage style, and Wings style are a few of the various center designs available. These Steering Wheels include a matching horn button*, horn button bezel, horn wire, and mounting hardware. Steering Wheel Adaptors are sold separately.  


  • Universal design with application-specific Steering Wheel Adaptor (sold separately) 
  • Available in a 14” or 15” diameter 
  • Wooden grip made of mahogany 
  • Decorative center & spoke design is unique to each part # 
  • Center/spokes made of brushed stainless steel or brushed aluminum 
  • Gloss urethane coating for heat resistance & longevity 
  • Includes horn button*, horn button bezel, horn wire, & mounting hardware 

*PN: R5863 does not include horn button 

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