Top Street Performance (81075): LS Aluminum Rear Sump Low-Profile Retro-Fit Oil Pan with Added Clearance

LS engines are among the most popular for swaps because of their low expense and great power potential. Unfortunately, stock LS oil pans do not always fit where you want them to. That’s where TSP’s low-profile, retro-fit oil pan comes in. Composed of lightweight cast aluminum, it is designed to allow for increased clearance to the ground and chassis. It will fit many GM rear-wheel drive applications that are originally equipped with a small block or big block Chevy engine and with a factory rear sump pan. 

This oil pan is meticulously designed to mount perfectly to any wet-sump LS engine and it is compatible with the stock oil filter. This pan also features a boss on each side designed for an oil return for turbochargers. Added cut-outs also make this model a great fit with the OEM Ford Fox Body K-Member. It is also ideal for `79-`04 Mustang, `79-`86 Capri, `67-`69 Camaro/Firebird, `82-`92 Nova/Apollo/Ventura/Omega, `64-`72 A-body, `78-`87 G-body, & `82-92 F-body engines. 


  • Fits Chevy Small Block V8 Gen. III/IV (LS Based) Engines: 4.8L (293 in3), 5.3L (325 in3), 5.7L (346 in3), 6.0L (364in3), 6.2L (376 in3
  • Lightweight cast aluminum construction with a satin finish 
  • Baffled design 
  • Wet sump located in the rear 
  • 6.2-quart sump oil capacity with stock filter 
  • 5.46” sump depth & 3.62” maximum stroke 
  • Includes: Oil pan gasket, sump baffle, oil pickup tube, drain plug, oil filter stud, oil passage cover, oil return plugs, & mounting hardware 
  • Takes AC Delco PF48/PF48E, K&N HP-1017, or equivalent oil filter 
  • Requires LS3 style dipstick & tube (GM #12669528 & 12625031, respectively) 
  • One-year limited warranty 

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