ACC Performance: GM Street Bandit Torque Converters

Street Bandit Series Torque Converters from ACC Performance are designed to handle as much as 650 horsepower, while many competing models can handle only up to 350. In addition, as opposed to the competition, Street Bandit converters use larger Torrington in-case bearings instead of smaller, needle-type bearings, which are susceptible to picking up debris in transmission fluid and can’t handle the additional raw power and abuse produced by modern high-horsepower engines/transmissions.

ACC Performance also welds its turbines and impeller fins (instead of furnace blasting) in order to reduce fin degradation or deformity. Custom-engineered turbine hubs further maintain the highest quality, strength, and durability. The stators are built with high-flow vents and channels for greater cooling in order to handle the much greater power and heat ranges.

Another differentiator of the Street Bandit is the single bolt pattern for the rotating mass. The dual bolt pattern in other converters allows them to fit more applications and eliminate multiple part numbers, but it also creates added weight on the motor, costing you horsepower and torque.

Note: Street Bandit Series Converters are NOT designed to handle the extreme shock and abuse of nitrous oxide or trans-breaks.

  • Welded, not furnace blasted (unless requested).
  • Uses industrial-strength Torrington bearings.
  • Aircraft aluminum washers—not old fiber washers—for more hp and torque on the ground.
  • Hand-built quality: fully tested by actual humans to ensure the best converter money can buy.
ACC Performance: GM Street Bandit Torque Converter
ACC Performance: GM Street Bandit Torque Converter

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