AutoMeter: Marine Pyrometers and GPS Speedometers

The AutoMeter marine family recently welcomed a couple of new additions: 1,600° pyrometers and 200 MPH GPS speedometers. Featuring sealed bezels for water resistance and UV-protected pointers, these products stand up to punishing on-water elements.

The pyrometers feature a Type K thermocouple and extension module that allows you to extend the harness up to 75 feet, while the GPS speedometers require no calibration (AutoMeter 5283 antenna sold separately) and are compatible with many third-party antennas/receivers when combined with AutoMeter wire harness 5214. Their GPS Rally-Nav display shows time/date, overall/trip distance, GPS coordinates, compass, and peak speed recall. Wholly designed, tested, and assembled in the USA.


  • Sealed bezels and sun-resistant pointers.
  • Type K thermocouple and extension module on pyrometers.
  • No-calibration speedometers.
  • Rally-Nav display shows distance, time, GPS coordinates, compass, and peak speed.

AutoMeter Marine GPS Speedometers

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