MSD Performance (6471): 6 Offroad Ignition

With its reliable, rugged, fully potted design, the 6 Offroad ignition from MSD Performance provides performance at low and high RPM for a variety of off-the-pavement activities, including rock crawling, desert racing, or other harsh-terrain play.

Below 3,000 RPM, the 6 Offroad delivers a crisp, clean throttle response and complete fuel burn, while over 3,000 RPM its powerful capacitive discharge spark keeps the fire lit until you let off the skinny pedal. The 6471 includes an easy-on-your-engine rev limiter that protects against damage from drivetrain failure or slick spots; an easy-to-read LED display; and rotary dials to adjust rev-limit, cylinder select, and timing start retard.


  • MSD’s smoothest rev limiter yet is easy on your engine.
  • Fully potted design provides reliability in high-vibration and wet circumstances.
  • Large, easy-to-read LED display for rev limit, highest RMP turned, cylinder select, start retard, battery voltage (tach mode available).
  • Simple setup with three rotary dials.
  • Built-in start retard adjustable in 0˚, 10˚, or 20˚
  • Full delivery of spark energy down to 6-volt battery supply.
  • Efficient, low current draw for extended battery life.
  • Single plug-in connector for clean wiring.
  • Compatible with 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engines.
  • Reverse polarity and overheat protection.

MSD Performance 6 Offroad Ignition 6471

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