AutoMeter Products: COPO Camaro Gauges

When Chevrolet Performance decided to build the COPO Camaro, they didn’t trust just any instruments to monitor the beast’s vitals: they turned to AutoMeter, which used its more than six decades of racing instrumentation expertise to build the ultimate NHRA competition gauges. Now you can use those same COPO gauges for your Chevrolet project.

On the surface, these statement pieces are styled in easy-to-read black with bright-white, through-the-dial white LED lighting. Under the hood, the are backed by AutoMeter’s accurate, reliable, and race-proven electric performance movements to help you conquer the street or strip.

The AutoMeter COPO line of officially licensed instruments includes options for:

  • Tachometer (PN 880879)
  • Water temp (PN 880875)
  • Transmission temp (PN 880877)
  • Oil pressure (PN 880876)
  • Fuel pressure (PN 880878)
  • Volts (PN 880874)


  • Officially licensed COPO Camaro gauges
  • Easy-to-ready black with through-the-dial white LED lighting
  • Accurate, reliable, and race-proven electric performance movements
  • Dials for tach, water and transmission temp, oil and fuel pressure, and volts
  • All dials 2 1/16” except tach, which is 3 3/4”
AutoMeter COPO Camaro Gauges

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