BBK (1822): 2015 Ford Mustang 3.7L 73 mm Power Plus Throttle Body

The 2015 Mustang V6 has a powerful 3.7L engine that really benefits from additional airflow. If you want to harness it, just bolt on one of BBK’s famous 73 mm Power Plus throttle bodies, which are CNC machined from high-quality 356 aluminum castings to ensure perfect OEM quality and fit every time.

The BBK 1822 73 mm throttle body installs in minutes, providing good horsepower using the stock tune and maintaining OEM drivability and reliability by using factory-style electronics and the drive motor assembly.

BBK has spent hundreds of hours researching, developing, and experimenting with late-model Ford electronic throttle bodies, amassing the extensive knowledge required to produce the best possible product.

All throttle bodies are direct replacements and include easy-to-follow installation instructions—no separate tunes required. All BBK Performance products are designed and built in the USA.

BBK 1822
BBK 1822

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