B&M® (77104): StarTek Starter for GM Small Block/Big Block (153T & 168T Ring Gear, Straight Mount)

The new B&M StarTek Starter is designed to provide high torque and power in a wide range of demanding applications. With 4.5:1 reduction gears coupled to a high-power 300-amp motor, hard starting becomes a thing of the past. The StarTek uses an ultra-high-strength pinion gear, billet aluminum mounting flange, sealed ball bearings, and a dual winding solenoid to ensure maximum reliability. For special applications, the StarTek can be clocked in three different positions to ensure you have the most clearance possible between your starter and other engine components.

  • Three-position indexing for optimum positioning in tight-clearance applications
  • 4.5:1 gear reduction ratio for maximum torque
  • Billet aluminum mounting flange
  • Designed for higher-compression and blown engines
  • Dual-winding solenoid for lower-engagement current draw
  • High-performance 300-amp motor
  • Ultra-high-strength pinion gear

    B&M 77104
    B&M 77104

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