Bully Dog: Thruster Throttle Booster

Upgrade your vehicle’s throttle response with a Thruster throttle booster from Bully Dog. The Thruster easily installs inline between the pedal position sensor and vehicle harness. Make adjustments on the fly with the simple control knob to really feel the change as you drive. With its waterproof design, this product is ideal for off-road vehicles, but it is suitable for any vehicle looking for improved performance.

Bully Dog designed the Thruster throttle booster to be emissions and warranty safe. It is made in the USA, with CARB EOs for many applications.


  • Improves throttle response on the fly via easy-to-use control knob
  • Reduced lag and increased acceleration
  • Easy to install inline between the pedal sensor and vehicle harness
  • Waterproof design ideal for off-road applications
  • CARB EOs available for many applications
Bully Dog Thruster Throttle Booster

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