Cloyes: Hex-A-Just® True® Roller Timing Sets

Adjustable cam timing doesn’t get any better than Hex-A-Just® True® sets from Cloyes. Unmatched after thirty years, Hex-A-Just is infinitely adjustable to +/- 6 degrees: no machining or fumbling with offset bushings. Just dial in your cam timing with a wrench, then tighten the cam bolts to lock in cam position. Set includes a premium-strength Cloyes True Roller chain; heat-treated, high-strength steel side plates; hardened, cold-rolled 0.250” rollers; a 3-keyway billet crank sprocket; and hand-matched center-distance accuracy. With Hex-A-Just, you’ll get set up quicker and be off to the races.


  • Infinitely adjustable to +/- 6 degrees
  • Just dial in cam timing with a wrench, tighten, and go
  • Premium-strength True Roller chain
  • Heat-treated, high-strength steel side plates
  • Hardened, cold-rolled 0.250” rollers
  • 3-keyway billet crank sprocket
  • Hand-matched center-distance accuracy

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