Design Engineering, Inc. (500409): Precut Interior Thermal Acoustic Kit for ’67-’69 Camaro/Firebird

Engineered to combat unwanted interior heat and noise, the 500409 thermal acoustic kit from Design Engineering, Inc. contains everything needed to cover floors, firewalls, headliners, trunks, and more. Drivers will enjoy diminished noise from tires, road, and engine, as well as reduced heat from the engine bay and hot exhaust running underneath the floorboards.

With components specifically cut for 1967–1969 Camaro and Firebird, this DEI kit includes fully illustrated instructions that show exactly where each piece of material should be positioned.


  • For 1967–1969 first-gen Camaro and Firebird F-body
  • Boom Mat damping material reduces vibration and unwanted engine/road noise.
  • Under Carpet Lite functions as a superior heat and noise barrier.
  • D-Mat layer shields against heat on firewalls, headliners, and other areas.
  • High-temp spray adhesive

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DEI Camaro Firebird Thermal Kit 500407

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