Cloyes: Z-Series Racing Timing Chain

Offering 33% more overall strength than the company’s current premium chain, Cloyes’ Z-Series racing timing chain is the most durable and dependable chain available today—and the number-one choice of top professional teams in sprint, circle, track, drag, and off-road racing.

Double-roller Z-Series chains are forged from high-strength steel hardened with a proprietary heat treatment developed by Cloyes. They feature fine-blanked links that reduce severe-load stress fractures and press-fit center links that improve load share and reduce load spikes on any single component.

Z-Series racing timing chains are THE choice for extreme custom engine builds that can’t tolerate compromise.


  • 33% more overall strength than Cloyes’ current premium chain
  • Made from high-strength steel with proprietary heat-treat processing
  • Fine-blanked links reduce stress fractures under severe load.
  • Press-fit center links improve load share by reducing load spikes on any single component and providing greater overall strength.

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Cloyes Z-Series Racing Timing Chain 9-131Z

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