Edelbrock: Max-Fire Ignition Wires

Available in two levels of performance—Ultra-Spark 50 (50 ohms resistance/foot) and Ultra-Spark 500 (500 ohms resistance/foot)—the all-new universal high-performance Max-Fire ignition wires from Edelbrock feature the same high quality as the company’s model-specific sets, but give users the ability to tailor them to fit their V8 applications.

These wires have extremely high EMI/RFI suppression along with a very low resistance to help deliver the most spark possible. Their heavy-duty 8.5 mm diameter silicone jackets protect the Kevlar spiral-wound cores from heat, moisture, and chemicals. Preinstalled spark plug boots are available in straight or 90° versions. The straight-boot sets are “vari-angle,” meaning they can be bent and hold their position in tight areas to clear headers. They also include early-OEM socket style and late-style HEI plug distributor terminals.

Each Edelbrock Max-Fire kit includes eight spark plug wires (of varying lengths), eleven points-style terminals, eleven HEI plug–style terminals, nine straight distributor boots, nine 90° distributor boots, one distributor-to-coil wire, dielectric grease, and installation instructions. Installation requires the use of a wire-crimping tool.


  • Available in 50 ohm and 500 ohm resistance/foot.
  • Heavy-duty 8.5 mm diameter silicone jackets.
  • Kevlar spiral-wound core.
  • Spark plug boots available in straight or 90°.
  • Early OEM socket style and late-style HEI plug distributor terminals included.

Edelbrock MAX-FIRE Ignition Wires

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