G-FORCE Racing Gear: EX9 Full-Face Helmet

The EX9 Snell SA2015–rated full-face-helmet is the composite offering from the premium end of the G-FORCE Racing Gear helmet lineup. The Strategically Reinforced Composite (SRC) shell is coated with glossy white or black paint and polished with multiple layers of clear coating for a shine like no other. Across the chin bar and crown are the stainless grill guards of the Siphon12 Ventilation Network, eight intake ports and four rearward exhaust ports that move out heated air. A rubber gasket lines the bottom of the helmet, facilitating use with a helmet skirt, support, or restraining device.

The EX9 includes an optically corrected clear view shield, with tinted shields available and changeable on the spot thanks to hex-head bolts made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

The interior of the G-FORCE Racing Gear EX9 helmet has a multiple-density, Conehead Technology impact liner able to react to various impact situations: in response to an impact, the liner compresses laterally, spreading the load to absorb the force. A padded, soft-knit, hypoallergenic, and flame-retardant liner offers unmatched comfort and fit.


  • Snell SA2015 rated.
  • Glossy Strategically Reinforced Composite (SRC) shell.
  • Internal ventilation ports.
  • Optically corrected view shield (tints available).

G-FORCE Racing Gear EX9 Composite Helmet

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