Edelbrock: Pro-Flo 3 EFI

Now available for big-block and additional small-block Chevy systems, the Pro-Flo 3 from Edelbrock is a sequential port EFI system that gives you the performance and look of true fuel injection without the complexity of tuning calibrations and related tables.

The key to the system is the free E-Tuner Android app that uses a Bluetooth connection to communicate with the ECU to continually adjust calibration for maximum performance—no laptop required. The E-Tuner app also contains dyno-tuned base calibrations for your specific application to simplify getting up to speed. Plus, it allows you to control both fuel and spark without pulling over. You’ll enjoy comprehensive control of your system while driving, with the ability to adjust air-fuel ratio, ignition curve, idle speed, acceleration fuel, coolant fans, rev limiter, and more! For those without a compatible device, a 7″ Android tablet kit is available.

Looks-wise, Edelbrock has designed the Pro-Flo 3 with a traditional-style intake manifold and a 4150-style throttle body. It is available in a Satin or Polished finish. The product is also available with 29 lb/hr injectors for small-cubic-inch engines that support up to 550 hp, and with 35 lb/hr injectors for large-displacement engines that support up to 625 hp.


  • Ready to run out of the box.
  • Converting to EFI will increase your engine’s performance and gas mileage.
  • No laptop tuning required—automatic system calibration while driving.
  • Capable of direct driving an ignition coil—no CDI box required.
  • Available for standard and Vortec/E-Tec–style cylinder head applications.
  • Return-style or Edelbrock‘s unique Universal Fuel Sump (sold separately).
  • Industry-leading, dedicated support staff to answer your questions.
  • Available in two intake manifold styles.
Edlebrock: Pro-Flo 3 EFI System for Chevy
Edelbrock: Pro-Flo 3 EFI

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