FiTech (37001): Retro LS EFI 650 HP Fuel Injection System

The Retro LS EFI 650 HP fuel injection system from FiTech is a complete throttle body kit that delivers old-school carburetor looks alongside EFI technology and reliability. In addition to its classic gold finish and FiTech’s innovative annular-discharge design, the 37001 system gets you on the road faster and more easily than any other system on the market today: it comes with the needed wiring harness and sensors, a tight-fit regulator, and hand-held tuner—no computer experience required. And last but not least, this is a virtually maintenance-free system, keeping your vehicle reliable and ready to drive—no more vapor lock and fuel varnish issues.


  • Transmission control for 4L60, 4L65, and 4L80 GM transmissions
  • Fits V8 engines (250–650 HP)
  • Includes connections for Ford and GM TH350, 700R4, and other transmission linkages
  • Classic gold finish for that carburetor look, with the drivability of EFI
  • Innovative annular-discharge design
  • Flow-matched 80 lb injectors and knock sensor control
  • Bosch wide band controlled and custom cam friendly
  • Fully self-tuning ECU (no laptop required)
  • Plug-and-play harnesses with minimal connections
FiTech Retro LS 650 HP EFI System 37001

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