FiTech (79100-79210): Go-Spark LS3 Coil

FiTech EFI has extended their line of Go-Spark ignition products to include a new LS3 Coil upgrade! These new coils will help complete the LS engine swap with a high-quality yet affordable coil. The Go-Spark Series LS Coil was developed to deliver optimal output with a quality fit and extra reliability. These coils bolt in place of the original coils and accept the sealed, locking connector and plug wire terminal for a simple installation. If you’re looking for a little more dazzle under your hood, FiTech also offers a coil with a built-in blue LED that flashes while the coil is running (PN: 79200 and PN: 79210). These coils are available in individual packs (PN: 79100 and PN: 79200) or in a package of eight (PN: 79110 and PN: 79210).


  • Direct replacement for LS3 coil
  • Engineered for performance & reliability
  • Optimal output for stock or modified engines
  • Accepts factory connector & plug wire terminal
  • Built-in blue LED flashes when coil is running (PN: 79200 & 79210 only)
  • Available individually or in packs of eight

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