Flex-A-Lite (316300): Direct-Fit Extruded Tube Core Radiator for `67-`79 Ford Trucks

The Flex-A-Lite Direct-Fit Extruded Tube Core Radiator is the future of performance radiators, replacing multi-core radiators with a new advanced design. It increases the contact area between the coolant and the aluminum tubes, increasing heat rejection and cooling efficiency. This radiator has a flat surface to braze cooling fins, which also maximizes the contact between the tubes and the fins — once again increasing heat rejection and efficient cooling. The cooling fins have been designed with louver patterns cut into them to direct airflow; Just like most features of this cutting-edge radiator, this also improves heat rejection and cooling. Wind-tunnel testing has proven that the Extruded Tube Core technology is significantly more efficient at cooling than standard tube radiators. They are also significantly stronger, with a 100-psi burst rating. This radiator also features a corner subhead, reinforcing the cooling tube to header connection because that area is prone to cracking and leaking in other aluminum-radiator brands. No cutting or drilling is required for installation, and this radiator mounts in the factory location using the original fastener points on the core support. For a stronger radiator that is built-to-last and outperforms other radiators, this radiator boasts an aluminum construction for a stronger, more durable design with light weight proficiency.


  • For `67-`79 Ford trucks: F-100, F-150, F-250, & F350
  • Direct fit in the factory location
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Strong 100 psi burst rating
  • Superior heat rejection & cooling
  • Extruded Tube Core Technology
  • More contact between coolant & tubes
  • Louver patterns cut into cooling fins
  • Flat surface to braze cooling fins
  • Corner subhead aids cooling tube to header connection
  • Passenger-side inlet side
  • Installation requires no cutting or drilling
  • Uses original fastener points on core support
  • Exclusive transferable 2-year warranty

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