FST Carburetors: 750 CFM Billet X-treme Carburetor

Gain the performance edge you need with the Billet X-treme carburetor from FST Carburetors. Sporting a CNC-machined main body, this 750 CFM unit with mechanical secondary comes with FST’s Billet high-performance metering blocks, each with six stages of emulsion to provide a fuller range of tunability and the ability to handle the various demands of modern fuels (including methanol and ethanol).

Finishing off the Billet X-treme carb are your choice of two-port fuel bowls or three-port high-capacity Viper fuel bowls. With this unit, FST gets you up to speed with bolt-on power that also looks great in your engine bay.


  • 750 CFM and mechanical secondary
  • CNC-machined main body
  • Billet high-performance metering blocks
  • Six stages of emulsion for a full range of tunability and fuel compatibility
  • Two-port fuel bowls or three-port, high-capacity Viper fuel bowls
  • Bolt-on power that looks great installed
FST Carburetors 750 CFM Billet X-treme Carb 41750B-1

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