PROFORM (66869): Aluminum Roller-Tipped Rocker Arm System for Chrysler SB

Unleash horsepower and rid your engine of internal friction with these Super Street Series aluminum roller-tipped rocker arms from PROFORM. This race-proven upgrade also extends valve train component life and reduces wear and tear on valve stem tips.

This PROFORM 66869 rocker arm system is precision machined to ensure consistent performance and accurate ratios. Each blue-anodized roller rocker includes a bronze bushing, new self-oiling shaft-to-rocker technology, a hardened shaft, laser-etched PROFORM “P,” and all needed hardware (stock mounting bolts are not included and should be reused). One set of 16 pieces.


  • For small-block Chrysler (LA) V8 engines
  • Unleash HP and reduce internal engine friction
  • Self-oiling shaft-to-rocker engineering
  • Bronze bushings, hardened shafts, and hardware
  • Blue-anodized finish with laser-etched emblem
  • One set of 16 pieces
PROFORM Aluminum Roller-Tipped Rocker Arms for Chrysler SB

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