HushMat (20300): Silencer Megabond Foam Under-Carpet Floor Kit

Silencer Megabond 1/2” foam from HushMat helps absorb and eliminate unwanted heat and airborne noise to provide a quiet, modern ride for your aftermarket build. The American-made material is specially designed to intercept and deaden high-frequency noise like engine growl, exhaust drone, and road/wind whoosh. HushMat Silencer Megabond foam performs a function similar to that of foam on the ceiling and walls of a recording studio, reducing the noise level in your vehicle by up to 15 decibels.

This advanced material also works to reduce the transfer of engine, header, manifold, and exhaust heat to your metal firewall/floor and prevent it from cooking your cabin; in fact, it is proven to lower thermal transfer into vehicle interiors by more than 70%. This significant reduction produces a more comfortable experience and means your AC system doesn’t have to work as hard.

The 20300 HushMat kit includes two 23” x 36” (11.5 sq ft each) peel-and-stick sheets of foam that cuts with scissors and is designed to be applied under carpet on floor, firewall, and trunk. Also available in 1/4” thickness for door panels and headliners and 1/8” thickness for back of plastic panels or glove box/console lining. Get it in bulk rolls, too!


  • Abrasion-resistant, semi–closed cell sound- and thermal-insulating foam
  • Flexible material designed to last the life of your vehicle or boat.
  • Absorbs wind and engine, road and tire, and exhaust noise up to 4,000 Hz
  • Thermal insulation up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (70% heat reduction)
  • Peel-and-stick sheets cut with scissors
  • 1/2” thickness goes under carpet on floor, firewall, and trunk.
  • Includes two 23” x 36” sheets; also available in bulk rolls
  • Manufactured in the USA
HushMat Silencer Megabond Foam 20300

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