LEED Brakes (RC4001): Rear Drum-to-Disc Brake Conversion Kit for Mopar 8 1/4, 9 1/4 Rear Axles

Sporting all-new, high-quality, precision-machined components that are zinc plated to reduce corrosion, this rear disc conversion kit from LEED Brakes is a smart, reliable, safe upgrade for your Mopar vehicle with 8 1/4 or 9 1/4 rear axle.

This RC4001 kit contains everything you need to mount single-piston disc brakes to your application, including a heavy-duty parking brake caliper that will let you use most stock parking brake cables to actuate your parking brake.


  • For Mopar applications with 8 1/4, 9 1/4 rear axles
  • Rear drum-to-disc brake conversion kit
  • Conversion adds safety, reliability, and performance.
  • All-new, precision-machined components
  • Zinc-plated to reduce corrosion and extend life
  • HD parking brake caliper allows use of most stock parking brake cables.
LEED Brakes Rear Disc Conversion Kit for Mopar 8.25 9.25 Rear Axle RC4001

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