Centerforce (413754880): DYAD DS Twin-Disc Clutch

Designed for 1969–1971 Ford 429” 7L engines with -10 spline GM transmission, the 413754880 DYAD DS twin-disc clutch from Centerforce features the company’s centrifugal weight system and ball bearing–actuated pressure plate for superior clamp load and light pedal effort. Organic segmented facings on both sides provide increased holding capacity, smooth drivability, and longevity, while the billet steel flywheel has been lightened to provide lower inertia for quicker RPMs. Match balanced and includes ARP fasteners and alignment tool.

Components designed, machined, and assembled in the USA.


  • For 1969–1971 Ford 429” 7L engines with -10 spline GM transmission
  • Ball bearing pressure plate
  • Centrifugal weight system
  • Lightened billet-steel flywheel
  • Holds 500–1,300 ft/lb torque
  • 51.55 lb assembly weight
Centerforce DYAD DS Twin Disc Clutch for Ford 429 7L -10 Spline GM Transmission 413754880

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