LEED Brakes (VP001B): Black Bandit Series Electric Vacuum Pump Kit

The Bandit Series Vacuum Pump Kit by LEED Brakes provides an efficient, quiet, and vibration-free solution for your brake vacuum-assist needs. This kit includes a rotary vane style vacuum pump, which is 60% quieter than the noisy piston-style pumps. Combine that with the 30% more efficient Bandit Series design and you get all the vacuum you require in less time with less noise, extending the life of your pump and making your ride more enjoyable. The Bandit Series Black Pumps are concealed in a patent-pending canister with the pump assembly pre-wired and mounted to a bracket inside the canister. This allows you to simply remove the pump assembly from the canister as one unit, turning your pump into a Naked Bandit for mounting in tight spaces. Installation is a breeze with the 2-wire power hookup and baseplate mounting template. Plus, each brake vacuum booster is tested on the assembly line to assure a trouble-free installation.


  • Rotary style electric vacuum pump
  • Improves pedal feel
  • Increases braking action
  • 60% less noise
  • 30% more efficient
  • Housing shaped as old vacuum canister
  • Pump easily removes from canister
  • Easily mounts in tight spaces
  • Pre-wired pump assembly
  • Baseplate mounting template
  • 2-wire power hookup
  • Simple installation

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