Northern Radiator: High Performance Diesel Radiators

While the plastic tank/aluminum core radiators available from Northern Radiator might look OEM, the company has incorporated design principles found in big rigs for the high performance radiators they manufacture for diesel pickups. Crossover features include:

  • Tank-to-header attachment has a heavy-gauge steel crimp strip instead of aluminum on OEM.
  • Internally reinforced end tubes with bridge clips that reinforce the core’s most vulnerable point: the outside corners.
  • Ribs buttress weak spots on the tank, specifically where the OEM failed to predict flex.
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic and extra-strong integrated mounting points.
  • Proprietary rubber seal gaskets allow for the expansion and natural twisting of your truck’s suspension. Though these gaskets are the number-one critical component, they are often overlooked by designers—not so with Northern Radiator.
  • Core is the best in the business: more fins per inch and heavy-duty tubes cool better than stock.

Aimed at the diesel performance enthusiast, these radiators offer trouble-free OEM mounting and are standard replacement options for existing OEM radiators. Available for various GM, Ram, and F-Series applications.

Northern Radiator High Performance Diesel Radiators

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