NOS (15184NOS): Gen III Hemi Nitrous Plate Only Kit

Designed for Gen III Hemi engines with standard 80mm throttle body, the 15184NOS plate-only nitrous kit from NOS allows maximum room forward of the throttle body to clear accessory drives, tensioner brackets, and other obstacles thanks to its slim profile (only 1/2” at the mounting flange).

Made from black-anodized T6 aluminum and supports 250+ rear wheel horsepower. Also available in a complete kit (05184NOS).


  • For 2003+ Chrysler Gen III Hemi with 80mm throttle body.
  • Single 1/2” plate between throttle body and manifold.
  • Black anodized 6060-T6 aluminum.
  • Supports 250+ RWHP.
  • Includes jetting for 75, 200, 125 & 150 RWHP.

NOS Gen III Hemi Nitrous Plate Only Kit 15184

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