NOS: Black Powershot and Super Pro Shot Solenoids

NOS is now offering versions of its popular Powershot and Super Pro Shot solenoids with a black powder-coated housing. All the solenoids feature large orifice sizes for great flow. NOS’s nitrous solenoids use PTFE plunger puck material for durability, while the fuel solenoids have FKM rubber plunger pucks for durable sealing. These products include stainless steel bases with the NOS logo along with in/out stamped in to let you know they’re the real deal.


  • New black powder-coated housing.
  • Large orifices for great flow.
  • Durable plunger pucks.
  • Stainless steel bases.
  • Stamped NOS logo and in/out text.
  • Two Powershot Nitrous part numbers: 18020BNOS (nitrous solenoid) and 18080BNOS (fuel solenoid).
  • One Super Pro Shot part number: 18045BNOS (nitrous solenoid).

NOS Black Powershot and Super Pro Shot Solenoids

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